About Top Women Leggings

At Top Women Leggings, our motive is to build a community where women can visit and share their experiences with various brands of leggings. Using the ratings, positive comments and recommendations, will come up with a lists of top 5 leggings under each main category. Since we do not manufacture or sell any leggings, we want to empower women to make their own list of recommended products.

Top 5 list of top Women Leggings BY women FOR women!

Most ladies leggings are now sold online, which makes it difficult to get a feel of the material or check on whether they are see through or not. Neither can you perform the squat test.

Worse still, you can never accurately judge the durability of leggings just by looking at the picture. Most videos reviewing leggings on YouTube always end up recommending their own products leaving you wondering if they are honest reviews.

Leggings Complaints.

There are many complaints around the web by women who realised that;

  • Gym leggings were NOT machine washable after receiving them ….Duh! Others, YES but GYM leggings it’s a loud NO!
  • Some of the prints become transparent when stretched e.g. during squats.
  • Print colours where washing into each other.
  • Fingers went through the fabric while putting the leggings on.
  • They had low waist height, below the belly button – squat and your bum crack starts to show.
  • The sizings where well off the mark.
  • Leggings started to fade after a few laundry cycles.

If you have had a bad experience with certain leggings let me know in the commentary box below so that we can probably add it to the list.

Surely, these are pitfalls that can be easily avoided if women find a place where people who have really purchased and used the leggings share their experiences – the good and the bad alike.

We also discovered that there were a few websites dedicated to the in depth review of leggings around the web. Most websites look like shops and do not allow visitors to free interact and share their experiences with various types of leggings. Only a few clothing websites have a small section dedicated to such leggings and related products.

That is were TopWomenLeggings.com comes in.

Women Leggings

  • In the end, we want our visitors to find and discover virtually all the information that they want to know about leggings material, prints, sizes and so forth.
  • A forum where women can discover which products are suited to their body shape, seasons or occasions.
  • Develop a community of leggings addicts who are willing to share with others their thoughts on how select the best leggings and how to combine them with different tops.
  • No one will be permitted to promote their products on TopWomenLeggings.com to ensure that only honest opinions and advise is shared inside the community.
  • Comments will be moderated, spam and links will be deleted to ensure that the community remains unadulterated.

Every website needs finance to pay for hosting, maintenance and producing quality content. To that end, we will recommend products sold by reputable online shops such as Amazon and others. We will never betray the trust bestowed on us by our visitors.

We recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions of such websites before you make any purchases. We will also let, community members recommend leggings by name without directly linking to external websites.

Leggings are in categories and you can use the search bar if you want exact match reviews based on material, colour and so forth.