Best Leggings Plus Size Women

plus size women leggings

Best Leggings For Plus Size Women

l hear this every time;

Are there leggings for fat women? My answer is YES, plenty plus. You just want to know where to look.

‘Should fat women wear leggings?’. My answer has been the same always, it’s a big YES! You only need to know what to wear with leggings, plus size.

But before l suggest some tunics to wear with plus sized leggings, let me look at what you must consider when buying plus sized leggings.

What To Look For When Purchasing Plus Size Leggings;

  • Conceal big thighs – if fat thighs are well concealed they make you look slim.
  • Smoothen bulges – It MUST help smoothen those bulges otherwise there is no point to it.
  • Firmness – You need you waist to be defined, so check if the leggings are firm enough to achieve this -the closer to the hourglass shape you look the better.
  • Tummy support – leggings with tummy support or hidden support panels are the best.
  • High rise – Definitely, you need high rise leggings if it is plus size, that reach above your belly button.
  • Chaffing – if you don’t have a big enough thigh gap which leads to chafing, you need leggings which can somehow with stand the burn longer.
  • Close fit – tunic tops must be loose but the leggings must be close fit, of course without compromising comfort.
  • Machine washable – sounds like it’s obvious but believe me, some are hand wash and air dry only.
  • Colorfastness – You don’t want you clothes to have colours which soak into each other.
[If there are any other features that l missed, help others by adding them in the commentary box below]

Lets talk about some of the combinations you may wish to consider. You need your curves to be well shaped and stand out. A poor combination of leggings and tunics is what causes people to end up cursing leggings for ‘fat’ women. Pardon me for the word fat, just quoting verbose.

.. are you still wondering;

How to wear leggings when plus size?

what to wear with plus sized leggings

You will be surprised by the variety of colors, materials and lengths which you can combine with your leggings.

Here are few suggestions. My role is to initiate dialogue and you the top women visiting this website will add more suggestions. l will gradually add your suggested combinations to the list.

  • For warmer days, consider loose tunics or wide blouses for summer.
  • In winter, large size leggings with boots has a slimming effect on your figure.
  • Tunic dresses – wear leggings with asymmetrical tunic tops of plus size.
  • If you want something that completely cover your bum, then short dresses are preferable.
  •  Long knitted sweaters and cardigans are also great depending on the season preferably with buttons which offer flexibility.

There you are. Now you have a few ideas on what to wear with leggings of plus size.

What are your best tunics to wear with leggings and what is your choice of colours?

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