Buskins Leggings Review

buskins leggings

Buskins Leggings Review

Are you are looking for a review of Buskins leggings so that you can grab your own pair or you want to earn some extra cash through the affiliate program? Either way, your are covered.

Read on.

The company boasts of women, men, girls and toddlers' leggings. They offer free shipping if you live in USA or Canada. You will however pay for shipping costs if you are an international customer.

Where Are Buskins Leggings Made?

Most people want to know where the leggings were made before they hit they pay button. After combing the Buskins leggings company website, l couldn't establish beyond any reasonable doubt where the leggings are made. However, the website clearly states that they have Warehouses and an outlet shop at Lake Elsinore, California, United States. This does not necessarily mean the products are manufactured where the Warehouse is located. (l will be happy to know where they are made in the commentary box below).

It is clear that the leggings are made from Polyester and Spandex. The former giving them a comfy softness while the later makes them super stretchy. These are the most common materials used to make leggings and how they are combined often determine their durability.

Buskins Leggings Size Chart.

Most of the leggings because they are stretchy, only come in one size for a range of body sizes. As started on the chart below, they 'run small' but unfortunately there are no options. If you are at the extreme end of the size range you may consider buying the Buskins plus size to be safe.

Buskins Leggings Support and Return Policy.

The return policy is clear and straightforward. You can return the leggings within 14 days for a refund or 30 days if you would like an exchange of the leggings. The return dates are quite generous given that most orders arrive within 2 to 3 days from the date of purchase.There are however a few details that you must pay attention to before applying for a refund or exchange.

  • Refunds exclude shipping and handling costs.
  • The tags must be intact and leggings must not have been washed.
  • ​If you receive damaged leggings, send pictures and enclose the pack slip.
  • Do not forget to include the order number.

Once you have submitted the required information, an authorization code for the return is send to you. You can then send the products back. There are a few complaints about the delay in the processing or refunds or sending of the authorization code around the web. Their shipping seems to be efficient since they use UPS for local orders and DHL epacket for international orders.

Buskins Leggings Affiliate or Consultant.

If you would like to promote the leggings to others and earn commissions you can join their affiliate program. The compensation plan is easy to understand when compared to other affiliate marketing programs.

You can buy leggings for your own use at 30% discount price. You can also earn 25% commission if you sell the products using your unique affiliate link or host a trunk party. If you introduce new affiliates to the program, you will earn 5% commission off their sales. You can also earn $5 for each referral.

Consultants must purchase one of the offered packages starting from as little as $18.99 through to as much as $99.99. Most of the packages include samples that you can resell. Unfortunately, you can not choose the style or size of sample which is quite ridiculous. lf you are like me, l find it easy to promote products l am using to friends.

The leggings can be sold online through your own replicated website or you can stock inventory at home which offers some flexibility. Better still there are no sales quotas or forced monthly purchases.

Wrapping it up.

In this Buskins leggings reviews l have looked at where they are made, what they are made of and the affiliate marketing program. l also looked at the refund policy and things that you must keep in mind when claiming your refund or you want to exchange your leggings.

Although the company claims to hold inventory for men, l only saw a single pair of joggers.l have done my part, but the reason why l created Topwomenleggings.com is to allow women to share their views or experiences freely about any leggings.

Please share your experience or opinion about the Buskin leggings in the commentary box below?

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