Leggings Fall Down – 10 Reasons

Leggings fall down

Leggings Fall Down – 10 Reasons

When you look at it;

There are lots of challenges you have to deal with when they put on the ‘wrong’ leggings. These include exposing your ‘bum crack’, ‘muffin top’ or ‘camel toe’. While these can be annoying, leggings that fall down can cause serious mishaps which can expose your modesty. Dealing with leggings that ALWAYS fall down can be unnerving. Finding leggings that don’t fall down can be equally challenging.

There are lots of complaints by ladies about leggings that slide down while they exercising. Others wonder why they only fall when they start jogging and can hold fast when they are walking. No one really wants to put on bottoms that they are constantly hitching up.


Let’s look at 10 of the most common reasons why leggings fall down. l have summarised some of the solutions suggested around the web on how to stop leggings from falling. They are not in any way unique solutions that l came up with. l hope you will share other reasons why this happens and other solutions that Topwomenleggings.com missed out in the commentary box below.

#1 Design Material

There are a few leggings that are poorly designed and do have disproportionate measurements which causes them to fall. The main reasons why leggings fall down is due to the blend of material used to make the leggings. The component of stretchy material vs the non-stretchy material.

One of the common stretchy material used to make leggings is the Spandex, Lycra or elastane which Wikipedia describe as synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.

This the the material that allows leggings to recover from constant stretching during squats, bear crawls or normal jogging. Naturally, if leggings contain a high amount of Spandex; they are more stretchy, stud and can hold fast.
When you buy leggings check if they have a high percentage of Spandex (above 10%). This is not the rule of thumb though.

The challenge is knowing if the percentage of Spandex the manufacturer is claiming is correct? Therefore judging whether leggings are stud using their component materials can be misleading. This makes finding best running leggings that don’t fall down a nightmare. Nonetheless, you are better off selecting leggings with higher Spandex percentages whenever possible.

The only way to ensure that leggings stay up no matter what material has been used is to buy leggings with drawstrings. This will ensure that the size of the leggings’ is adjustable to a comfortable and sturdy fit. Choose leggings with thick drawstring for comfort.

#2 Incorrect Sizing

This can be really a challenge due to outsourcing. This is one of the complaints against the outsourced Lularoe leggings. Chinese sizes are different from those of Vietnamese or Filipinos.

On the other hand, some laddies pick on the wrong size of leggings either through ignorance or after being mislead by customer reviews. Companies’ attempt to be economic by manufacturing one size fit all leggings do not help the situation either. l will also discuss how disportionate body parts can cause leggings to fall in one of the sections below.

There is nothing one can do about variances in leggings sizes due to outsourcing even if you exercise due diligence. It is important to read ‘confirmed buyers reviews’ about any particular leggings than ‘opinions’ by anyone who decides to post a review on product that they never bought. It is generally advisable to pick a size down when choosing running leggings that don’t fall down still some women pick on bigger sizes than what their bodies can hold up.

#3 Loss of weight

running leggings that don't fall down

Congratulations, you’re exercising is working and you are losing weight. Unfortunately, it is one of the very reasons why your leggings are now falling. The changes can be subtle and happen over time. You begin by hitching them up once or twice in a few minutes until you are literally constantly holding on them to maintain your modest as weeks go by.

Replacing all your leggings after losing some weight can be expensive.

There are a few solutions that you can try; add a long shoelace inside the seam which you can use as a drawstring. Remember to make knots at each end of the shoelace to prevent the ends from sinking into the seam which can be annoying.

You can also open a small part of the seam and shorten the elastic to the desired length. You amy consider just tying the elastic into a knot in case you regain some weight— you know those winter relapses.

A simple hair bobble can save your day. Just pull part of the legging waist and use the bobble to tie it. It is advisable to always carry one that small pocket … just incase. Besides adjustable clothing, it can be a headache finding leggings that don’t fall down.

#4 How you wear your leggings

This is difficult to admit, but most people put on their leggings wrongly. How you pull up your leggings from the ankle to the waist can cause them to fall. If you do not systematically pull them up your leg, you end up having your knees pulling down the waistband as they bend and tension increases. Even the most snug fitting leggings will not withstand the tension created by the knees on the waist band.

The leggings surface tension must be distributed throughout the leg up to the waist. Make sure you pinch (without damaging the fabric) and pull up your leggings from the area above the knees, thighs and up the hips.

#5 Tummy support

If you have a big tummy and you buy leggings and are not reinforced above the belly button it can cause your stomach to constantly rise up above the waist band. Once the contours are above the waist band, they will start pushing it down causing the leggings to fall.

You can use belts which help with tummy support while holding the leggings waist band in place. The FlipBelt comes to mind. This jogging belt will allow you to tuck in your items in small pockets around the belt. What a stylish and comfortable way to prevent your leggings from falling. Just make sure it is breathable otherwise it will cause sweating around your waist which can be uncomfortable.

#6 Disproportionate body parts

Since there is no standard proportional body this might not be the best term to use but it helps me deliver the message. If you have big thighs, wide hip area and bee waist this can cause leggings to fall. You will be constantly overstretching the waistband over your hips and which in the end causes snagging. Although the leggings my not fall below the hips or thighs it becomes uncomfortable.
This can present challenges when selecting leggings, as a size up can be too big and a size down too small. Your best bet would be to buy leggings with drawstrings.

#7 Buying wrong type of leggings

why do my leggings fall down

This seems to be an obvious fact yet you read comments on how some ladies liked the comfort of jogging in non-active or non-compression leggings. Every product is made for a particular purpose. Use the leggings as recommended by the manufacture and when buying online take time to read reviews by women who actually bought and used the items. Do not choose the wrong leggings and wonder; ‘Why do my leggings fall down‘.

That said, you need compression or active wear leggings for sports. These are more stretchy, breathable and while not compromising your comfort. They also sug fit which prevent them from falling. Nonetheless, there other factors already discussed which can cause even the best sport leggings to fall and be a source of embarrassment.

#8 Low waisted leggings

These reduces the surface area which is in contact with the body leading to low tension. This will inevitably cause leggings to fall. LWL are notorious for causing ‘muffin tops’ and exposing ‘bum cracks’.

Additionally, if you over pull them up you will expose your ‘camel toe’. Believe me some camels do have big toes… lol. Unless, you will wear these with long tops, skirts or shorts… keep away.
Maintain your modesty, buy high waisted leggings.

#9 How to wash leggings?

While not following the manufacturer’s directions often lead to shrinkage of leggings, it can also cause them to snag. How often have we run leggings with other clothes without reading specifications? Some leggings are ‘hand wash in cold water only’, ‘no tumble drying’ and others categorically state that ‘DO NOT ADD FABRIC SOFTENER’. Our minds are so programed that even if we read the instructions, the mind chooses to disregard the advice.

I don’t blame you if you ruin your leggings and cause them to fall. How on earth can a company manufacture sports leggings which l must hand wash in cold water after all that sweating? Avoid embarrassment by reading the instructions before calling the suppliers of leggings.

#10 Loose or falling knickers

The paradox is you end up not knowing which one is falling; the leggings or your knickers. You can also constantly hike the leggings yet it your inner garment that is too loose and falling.

Do not let your leggings hold your knickers in place. Make sure both snug fit and you feel comfortable.

Wrapping it up

There are many causes why your leggings are falling. Some are not even mentioned in this review and l will be glad to add them to the list if you suggest them in the commentary box below.

Share your opinion or experience with falling leggings in the commentary box below? What other creative solutions to this embarrassing problem in order to maintain your modesty?

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