Lotus Leggings Review

Lotus leggings review

Lotus leggings review

Today we are going to review one of the most popular brands known for its versatile collection of leggings. Lotus Leggings, an online retailer that is known for its Adidas Lotus print Leggings, Pink Lotus Leggings and the exquisite Lotus mermaid leggings, among others. In this review of Lotus leggings, we are also going to look at what l liked and didn’t like about these leggings.

According to their website, lotusleggings.com/ ‘aims to empower everyday women with the ability to express themselves and feel confident while wearing quality, comfortable leggings’. They ship products worldwide which they source from their factory in China. A probable reason why, some women ask ‘where is lotus leggings located? The company also states that they employ single moms and freelancers from all over the world.

Is lotus leggings legit

So, are Lotus Leggings any good and legit? The answer is, yes. With a little diligence, you can find all the information you need about the company’s products including where Lotus leggings are manufactured.

Their bold patterns and prints and colourful designs can add the perfect pops of color to all your favourite outfits. The leggings can be worn for workouts, social functions, or when relaxing at home.

With the exception of their cotton and faux-leather leggings, most of their products are made with a polyester-elastane blend. The stretching fabric of Logus Leggings plus size makes it ideal for big women as they are form-fitting and adopt the shape of the body.

Lotus leggings plus size

The Company recently introduced Lotus X, a new deluxe line of leggings with exclusive prints. Lotus X leggings is made up of a new blended material consisting of 83% polyester and 17% spandex. This means that the new leggings which are fantastic for both athletic and casual wear are thicker and softer than their usual leggings, but just as flexible.

The 7-point stitching of the new FlexTech material gives a look that is more flattering, comfortable and supportive.

Lotus leggings returns

Lotus Leggings offers free returns and a lifetime guarantee for all their LotusX products. They send a replacement if your LotusX leggings become unwearable. That is as long as the damage is not caused by misuse or alterations to the product or defects in the material of the leggings.

You will be required to take care of the shipping costs though. The $5.00 restocking fee which applies to all returns is waived.

Cost and Price Points

The costs of their leggings will obviously vary depending on the type of product you want to purchase, but majority of them appear to range between $9 and $60 with all orders over $49 being eligible for free shipping.

Once in a while they have clean-out sales for their top-selling Lotus Leggings. You can also find plenty of special offers, significant discounts and coupon codes on the internet.

They accept payment in form of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. All domestic US orders are subject to a shipping and handling charge of $4.95. Orders shipped internationally have a shipping and handling charge of $5.95.

Lotus leggings shipping, tracking and return

LotusLeggings.com has a clear Refund Policy, stating that all customers are welcome to return their merchandise within the first 7 days of delivery date, in which case they will be refunded the original payment.

After 7 days, the initial purchase may be refunded, or exchanged in merchandise credit. Merchandise credit is also used to refund purchases made with gift cards. However, the costs for original shipping and handling cannot be refunded.

In spite of the clear policy, quite a number of people around the internet have complained about the long shipping delays, absence of tracking information and mix-up of addresses, which end up delaying delivery and inconveniencing buyers.

Lotus leggings customer service

In general, there appears to be mixed reviews about this company, with some buyers reporting that they loved the quality and affordability of their merchandise.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative reviews online of Lotus Leggings customer service and returns as well. Most of them say they have a hard time accessing someone to respond to their refund and shipping enquiries, and when they finally get a response it is either a blanket solution, or a machine-generated automatic reply. This can be discouraging to customers because there is a “no size fits all” solution. Difficulties in reaching customer service have left most buyers frustrated.

The refunding process also takes ages, if they decide to refund at all. It is for this reason that most of them prefer making their purchases from reputable online stores such as Amazon. There is also a belief that many positive reviews on LotusLeggings.com and company’s social media pages can be deceptive and misleading. The very reason why, we created Topwomenleggings.com to empower women to freely discus about pros and cons of purchasing various brands of leggings without anyone deleting negative reviews.

Lotus leggings sizing

Size is another issue that buyers of Adidas Lotus Leggings and other leggings have raised. Most customers love how comfortably and snugly the leggings fit and how it shapes and forms to the contours of their bodies. They also love the sturdy material which makes them durable.

But despite Lotus leggings size chart displayed on their website to guide buyers, a good number of them have complained that they received purchases that were mostly too small for them. They had to either return the items, or give them to someone else with a smaller frame. Others complained that the leggings could not stretch.

The leggings are flimsy and when you stretch them by bending, they become sheer and people can get a view of your anatomy through them in direct sunlight. Bright undergarments are visible through the Lotus Leggings, which is a fashion statement that most of us are not keen on. No one want to leave people with nothing to wonder about when everything is exposed.

The good news is that the latest addition to their collection, Lotus X, is made of thicker fabric. This makes the leggings opaque than the earlier types.

Wrapping it off.

Lotus leggings are relatively comfortable and durable. However, there are issues with sizing, transparency when stretched (non-Lotus X), delivery may take ages and the customer service can be a pain. The best way to avoid such headaches by purchasing the leggings from reputable sources such as Amazon. You will be protected by the online shop’s generous return policy and you deal with a responsive customer service department.

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