Metallic Leggings

Metallic Leggings

Metallic Leggings

There are many type of such leggings but the bottom line is;

They are shiny and eye popping women’ leggings. They are made from latex, polyester  and spandex (to make them a bit stretchy). At times they are so shiny that you think they have been dipped into a liquid before being put on. That were probably the name liquid-metal leggings come from. Some are even liked to aluminium foil.

l would put these on when going for night outs or for a rave. The disco lights look fantastic when they shine on the metallic cloth. There is a wide of choice of these as they come in different colors. The most popular are silver, gold, blue, red and green metallic leggings.

Today l will look at two of the most popular types. I will also suggest what you can put on with these leggings so that you can tone them down.

Silver Metallic Leggings

These are a unique type of female leggings which are shiny and glittery. You can wear them for a great night out. While other ladies enjoy wearing them during the day, others think that silver metallic leggings are night only women leggings. It always boils down to individual preferences.

The leggings are great because the do not get bunched up like some cotton leggings. That can be really annoying. l also love them because they are mostly opaque and the glitters can give the illusion that they are not see through even if they are. You however need to choose your undies wisely especially if your are going to squat or stretch them to the limit.

On the other hand, you may find these leggings a bit scratch if not well lined inside or if you constantly brush against them. A reason why they are not recommended for sports or yoga. Neither are they for putting on everyday.

Some cheap silver metallic leggings can rub off and leave glitters on couches. You get what you pay for. Generally these leggings can be difficult to find what to match them with.

Now you are probably wondering;

What should I wear with silver metallic leggings?

  • A loose tunic will do or a shift dress – loose around the waist and hip.
  • You do not need anything tight fitting or clinging to your body as most come with thick waist bands which will show.
  • You can also tone these female glittery leggings by adding a gray or dull top. A white top can blend in with the silver if you prefer to pop up. Some suggest anything yellow or light pink.

It is always about your taste.

Gold Metallic Leggings

These are mainly made from latex or nylon . Wet look gold metallic leggings can be great if you throw a dark colour on top. They can be a bit flashy though. Some even prefer putting them under their black halloween dresses. Others think anything bland and not shiny will do.

The leggings are also great for clubbing and night outs. l wouldn’t wear them for exercising especially if they are made of latex which is not breathable. You don’t want them to be soggy.

You rarely come across high waisted metallic leggings and therefore you need to throw something long on top of them. You don’t want your ‘camel toe’ or ‘bum crack’ showing. Neither do you want the top of your undies showing.

These leggings can come with a high price tag. They can also wear away very fast even after a single wash. You need to religiously follow the manufacturer’s instructions. They can easily lose their radiance.

How To Take Care of Metallic Leggings

A few tip won’t hurt;

  • Do not wear the leggings daily otherwise they will get dull quickly.
  • Avoid sitting or brushing against rough surfaces otherwise the leggings will scratch.
  • Matching the leggings can present challenges. Some matches are kind of weird and awkward. The bottom line is, you need something to tone them down. Some suggest dark tanktops if you like to look simple.
  •  Set your washing machine to ‘delicate’ and hang them for drying.
  • Prevent peeling by hanging them straight and NEVER fold them in closets, otherwise they will peel along the folding lines.
  • Read the instructions carefully as some are supposed to be hand washed only in cold water.

Plus Size Metallic Leggings

This can be really attention grabbers if you are plus size. If you choose the right size, they have a slimming effect on your figure. The can also smoothen some of those contours depending on tight they are. Most of them do not bunch which can be great for plus size ladies.

However, take note that most of them due to low levels of Spandex can hardly stretch and may be difficult to pull over your hips. Worse, still most metallic leggings are low waisted which can expose your undies or bum crack. You may be forced to pull them up and inadvertently expose your ‘camel toe’.

Always exercise due diligence when choosing the right leggings for you. Always read metallic leggings plus size customer reviews before purchasing online, it can save you from disappointment.

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