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Tie Dye Leggings

Leggings can be a woman’s best friend since they are comfortable and can easily be worn for various occasions. There are many types of leggings and with diversified print. The darling of leggings however, happens to be the tie and dye type.

These leggings are chic and can crown your appearance, giving you an overall sophisticated look that is unmatched.

Tie Dye Workout Leggings

A pair of tie dye workout leggings will keep you looking chic look as you keep in shape. The best type of workout leggings can be made from bamboo pulp whose fabric is moisture wicking as well as breathable, hence very suitable for working out.

Polyester, nylon and cotton also make for very good workout legging material.

Tie dye workout leggings can be worn with various tops to complete the sporty look. They can be worn for various athletic occasions, from a casual stroll to a full gym work out.

An asymmetric blouse, crop top style bra with an oversized denim jacket or a neoprene coat can all be used to accessorize the tie dye leggings and give you the athletic look you desire. The most popular brands for tie dye workout leggings include Nike, Puma, Mix- Its, Forever, CowCow, and VIV Collection.

Tie Dye Yoga Leggings

Tie-dye yoga leggings may be made of natural fibers like cotton, owing its soft feel and resistance to pilling. However, synthetic fibers like “Supplex” nylon and “Lycra” Spandex may also be used to make tie dye yoga pants.

Some leggings material are cotton synthetic blends, which combine the properties of both materials. The most recommended material for yoga tie dye leggings however is the synthetic material, since they have good ventilation properties and are quicker to dry.

These types of yoga leggings are best paired with tops of neutral colors like black, charcoal or navy. A dark trench coat or leather slim-fit jacket with a t-shirt will instantly dress up your look. Apart from your yoga sessions, you can wear your tie dye yoga pants to casual occasions like brunch.

Tie Dye Black And White

Like many other tie and dye leggings, black and white leggings come in many materials. Polyester, nylon, cotton, wool or silk. If you are looking to go for a simple tie and dye look without many colors, you can opt for the black and white tie and dye leggings.

These leggings will go well with almost any other color top, camisole, dressy top and tunic or leotard to tie the whole look together. Black and white tie dye leggings are excellent for laid back simple events.

Common brands include Old Navy, Express , Simply Vera Wang leggings and many other brands.

Tie And Dye Plus Size Leggings

Leggings may be hugging articles of clothing, but they can be worn by women of any size, plus size women included. Tie dye plus size leggings are mostly made of Lycra or cotton synthetic material.

Most popular patterns of tie dye plus size leggings are either horizontal or vertical stripes, small multiple spirals or small polka dots. Each pattern creates a different overall look, and it is important to consider the overall look you are going for when looking for a pattern to choose from.

When choosing the color leggings to wear, it is advisable to go for slimming colors like navy, black, dark brown or charcoal.

A dress top will go well with your pair of tie dye plus size leggings. Should you opt for a top of a matching color to your tie dye plus size leggings, you will obtain an overall monochromatic look, which will still serve the purpose of giving you a slimming look. It is however more advisable to mix the textures in order to get a more active look.

Alternatively, you can choose to go for a sweater, vest, tunic, jacket or blouse that is long enough to cover your bottom.

You can wear dark colored bottoms with a brightly colored print top or vice versa. Most common tie dye plus size legging brands include Nordstrom Zella “live in”, Lularoe, Lusette and Lululemon, just to name a few.

You can wear your tie die plus size leggings to occasions of informal settings like brunches, lunches or just get togethers between friends to give you that casual yet mature, chic and sophisticated look.

DIY Tie Dye Leggings

Other women prefer ‘Do It Yourself’ tie and dye leggings. You need to understand how these leggings are made before you ruin yours.

Tie dye workout leggings are made by dying the light colored leggings using watered down acrylic paint, but what is usually used is fabric paint. The paint is mixed with half a part fabric textile medium, 1 part paint and three parts water. The mixture is then stirred or shaken to combine the components then put in a plastic container.

The fabric textile medium is added in order to prevent excess stiffness of the dye on the leggings after drying. The leggings are then dipped in water in order to make them damp, then tightly tied with rubber bands or a string on the parts that the dye should not touch. The rubber bands are tied depending on the type of pattern required on the end result.

Stripes and sunburst, with every ray having different colors are among some popular designs used on tie and dye workout leggings. The colors are then applied to the various exposed parts using a plastic applicator bottle. The leggings are then left on top of a wire rack after color application in order to allow the colors to set and the fabric to absorb the paint.

After drying, the rubber bands are removed and the leggings hung out in the sun to completely dry. After drying, the leggings are put in a drier for about 15 minutes in order to make the colors more permanent. After this, the leggings are ready to be washed and worn.

Now you know how to tie dye leggings. Good lucky.

In conclusion, there are various types of tie dye leggings, and they come in all shapes and sizes and for all purposes. It is not hard to find something that tickles your fancy from the range of different types available.

Share your experience with Tie and Dye leggings in the commentary box blow? Which ones are your favourites?

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