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lularoe unicorn leggingsUnicorn leggings

We know there is no shortage of women Unicorn print leggings around the web which are in abundance inside websites such as Amazon. So why are so many ladies searching for such leggings as if they are difficult to find all over the net including on popular networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and so forth?


l decided to search for ‘Unicorn leggings lularoe’. That is when l learned that the word ‘Unicorn’ is just used to refer to those rare or unique printed leggings that are difficult to lay hands on.

If you are wondering if there are any;

Unicorn Leggings Lularoe

Honestly, l have watched several videos, combed Facebook and Pinterest for hours but in the end there was not a single pair of Lularoe Unicorn printed legging that l came across. There are a few You Tube videos by people who claim to have found Unicorn leggings lularoe on Ebay. l am not convinced and you can do yourself a favour by not falling for that Lularoe scam.

l was a bit disappointed, but l am glad that l discovered the truth.

These are unique leggings which you can rarely lay hands on. You end up thinking that there was only a single print in the whole world. That is what keeps the heat beat of Lularoe clothing as people are always waiting for those rare prints that they aptly named — Unicorns.

Some of the unicorn leggings that are stumbled upon include plain mustard leggings.

Unfortunately, if you purchase a ‘Unicorn’ and it is the wrong size you can’t exchange it for the same print. You can only get a replacement which sort of sucks after putting up all that effort to find it.

Unicorn vs T Rex leggings

These are quite interesting leggings with a Unicorn on one side facing T Rex dinosaur on the other leg. This quite an innovative and creative style. Unfortunately, l haven’t seen an Lularoe consultant with these… but who knows!

Some come with the Unicorn and T Rex floating in space which is amazing. Let the robot fight begin as you walk in style. Of course watch out where the Unicorn horn is pointing… lol. You don’t want people focusing on your ‘camel toe’.

These can be put on if you want to go for a workout or around the house. l heard Black Milk has got good leggings too of this type.

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