Women Gym Leggings

Gym leggings

Women Gym Leggings

Today we are going to review female gym leggings. If you want ladies, female or women gym leggings look for a perfect fit. Leggings with belts on the stomach are recommended. The belt holds the leggings very well during workout and are very comfortable. These must be broad and not too thin as they will cut into your belly which is uncomfortable.

Cool Womens Gym Leggings

Consider where you are going to wear the leggings. If you are going to wear them to yoga class consider leggings that are not too thin and are see-through. If it is the shop, the best way to check is by putting your hand inside the leggings and use it to stretch the leggings as much as you can. If you can see the colour of your hand, then you know your bum and pant is going to show.

You would keep away from these as you do not want somebody was right behind you staring right through your leggings you. Leggings with patterns often cover the bum and hide your undies if of course they are not made of shouting colours.

Leggings must be breathable. This is obvious but when you buy leggings online, you need to check if they have this feature. Most gym leggings made of cotton do not have this feature. If you are sweaty then these will become wet and feel uncomfortable. l hate those visible sweat patches especially between the legs where friction is more pronounced. You don’t want to be smelling your own sweat while jogging or working out.

They must be stretchy. You don’t need leggings that your are not comfortable with to sit at 180 degrees. This will also help you accomodate hip or bum expansion when sitting or doing sit ups. You really don’t want those leggings fails that we see around the web. You don’t want to disturb your blood flow, a weakness of most compressed leggings. You would rather go for leggings with adjustable band which you can adjust.

High waist leggings are great so that the top of your bum is not exposed…the crack Duh!. You don’t want them to be sitting low on your waist. At least above your belly button. This is important if your exercises involve squatting and/or sit ups. You don’t want to be continually pulling up your leggings after every other squat. It really sucks.

Tummy control – reinforcement above the crotch area.

Pockets – leggings with pockets are also great for putting your valuables. You need to keep your keys secure.

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